Teknikindustri i Växjö - TIVAB
Teknikindustri i Växjö - TIVAB
Teknikindustri i Växjö - TIVAB

Welcome to Teknikindustri i Växjö AB - TIVAB!

We manufacture according to your drawings from topic to complete design whether it is in steel, stainless or aluminum. Our ambition is that the customer will be completely satisfied with the product and feel confident to use us again. Competence available in our company is to license welding of pressure tanks, special qualities of stainless steel and assembly work on the plant. Tivab's production is primarily focused on custom designs special sole designed for each plant. We manufacture flues, hose filters, pressure tanks, electrostatic filter, the inner equipment for electrostatic filters, lighting columns, sign poles information, advertising columns, fans, steel structures, etc. For our help, we have a modern well-equipped machinery (see tab maskinpark) and knowledgeable staff. The company has large manufacturing halls with cranes for the bigger jobs as well as the smaller. Purchase and installation of fittings for complete unit, we perform with great competence and experience. Coating such as  sand blasting and painting according to your wishes and specifications of the industrial coatings. Hot Galvanizing we take care of at competitive prices.We have very short lead times and the flexibility is almost unbeatable.


The company started in 1991 in the existing premises in the village of Åryd outside Växjö. The focus was and is against industries, thermal power plants, waste incineration plants and several other industries. Premises allowed good opportunities to expand the business. Over the years, Tivab grown steadily and turnover in 2013 was 42 million SEK. Our supply of special machinery and pressure tanks to the gas treatment and waste incineration is now out all over the world. We undertake the servicing of supplied machinery. At present, Tivab dispose over 3500m² workshop area divided in 4 halls. The average is used approximately 800 tons of steel per year of manufacture. Loyal customers who appreciate Tivab's service and skills are still with us since the start. New customers have come to, often by old contacts move to other companies. We are quality and environmentally certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 since 2001. Since the spring of 2014, we are certified according to EN1090 in (executions class) EXC2, EXC3 and EXC4 and according to ISO3834-2 which includes ISO3834-3 and ISO3834-4. We also have the last six years provided with credit rating AAA.


Compilation of our policy:

Quality is for us:

  • That through knowledge, skills and sensitivity to ensure that we meet customer expectations, requirements and needs.
  • To give the customer reason to hire us again. We strive to achieve better quality than our competitors can offer.
  • To deliver on time.
  • To meet part of our continuous improvement efforts.

Environment is for us:

  • That we are working to reduce the number of hazardous chemicals
  • That we analyze our energy consumption
  • That we comply with the law
  • That we are working on prevention and continuous improvement

Work environment for us:

  • We perform regular safety inspection.
  • That we replace the equipment, changing work activities that may be harmful in the short or long term.

Fire safety is for us:

  • We perform regular fire inspection.
  • We prevent fire by ensuring that we have the structure of our fire protection work, available equipment, etc.